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Integrated CO2 Controls

CO2 controls that are integrated with your energy efficient drives and motors mean no new equipment to purchase. Control logic intelligently manages CO2 and existing internal equipment. Simple, efficient and effective.

Unlimited Product Applications

With nearly unlimited product applications, Gellert can help store longer, level market prices, and help our customers accumulate!

System Designs

With a variety of designs and features including Internal and External Fan House, Bulk, Letterbox, and more! All designed for your applications!

Automated Controls

Easy connected programming that helps you hold longer with custom alerts and nearly unlimited peripheral connections!

Where We Began!

We’ve been around a while! Come see how our international company began due to the insight and vision of Nathan Gellert!

Gellert’s agriculture ventilation design includes a number of processes like automation, humidificationrefrigeration and more. Our customers also depend on a number of features to hold their product at quality-longer! Post Harvest or controlled atmosphere storage is perfect for nearly unlimited raw product applications including apples, potatoes, onions, carrots and more!

Gellert is also a system integrator, our designs, equipment, and installation help address livestock and horticulture production needs in industries like Dairy, Poultry, and more.  All integrated with our best in class manufactures and controls. Gellert’s designs are custom, include controls and may be developed based on conclusions and specifications at the University research level.

System Design

Our system designs are based on ventilation principles like air movement, control and getting perfection to the product using Letterbox, Bulk, Air Floor, and  Fan House design. See our features . . .

Analyze Data & Plan

Post Harvest Data that helps you trend and plan! Connect your mechanical system performance to the product with code free-full sentence programming! Trend reporting . . . 

Extend Control to Refrigeration

Automated refrigeration control captures signifigant utility savings by managing head pressure, streamlines equipment management and integrates with your controls . . .


Gellert designs refrigeration solutions for your industrial cooling needs. These include equipment, coils, and controls. We design for field heat . . .


Gellert designs humidity for agriculture and animal production that includes wide area, portable, and high pressure. We then have options to control it!


Gellert’s proprietary controls were built for Post Harvest storing. Our easy intuitive programming connects the system to the product! We also offer best in class controls!