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Climate Solutions

It’s always been about your product!

Gellert built Post Harvest Storing and the System to hold your product affordably, efficiently, and at greater quality hold times. Today we do this with innovative designs, controls, and equipment all with efficiency in mind. So whether you’re a Process, Seed, or Fresh Market Grower, the Gellert System is for you!

Wireless Connection & Alerts

Are you ready?! Cloud services, value added resources and data analytics capabilities need Internet.


Cloud services provide 365 Days per year connection, giving you multi-level access and control over your System and Product.

Intelligent Data

Gellert's Controls include exportable holding data that matters. Integrate, ask questions, anre more with data!

Reporting & Data

Historical data reports by minute. Correlate and monitor climate data as it relates to holding performance! Forward looking planning.

Integrated Refrigeration Control

Integrate your refrigeration control with multiple features that matter to your business!


Gellert's Refrigeration Control is designed for control of your head pressure and energy consuming motors and compressors.

Dealer Opportunities

Add a strong Agriculture revenue category to your business. We support it! That's what we do!

Gellert Dealer Support

Our Dealers are fully supported to deliver Post Harvest and larger Agriculture Controls & Mechanical Service.



Gellert’s solutions for your Storage Cooling needs are State-of-the-Art and efficient!  Our new technology – the Gellert Refrigeration Contoller has features unlike any other controller on the market.


Need added humidity?  Gellert has the solution with their proprietary centrifugal humidifiers.  Many options and configurations including portable, fixed, and ceiling mount.  Adaptable to so many industries and markets.


Control your facilities environment with Gellert’s Agri-Star. Control Panels give you the user-friendly, easy-to-follow interaction you’ve been looking for.   Handles all aspects of your climate equipment with versatility.


Your solutions through Gellert are built with the power of decades of University-Based Research and applied data.

Our expertise in climate management and our history of successful storage design are unmatched.


You need it.   We can provide it.  We are resourced to give you Solutions to climate control challenges and fully controlled environments.


At Gellert, quality matters.  We want to ensure your long-term needs are met with quality equipment and controls every time.  The life of your hard-earned investment is important to us and we’re with you every step of the way.