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The Opportunity

HVAC, Electrical, and Agriculture service companies that overlay a Gellert Dealership on to their existing business can open a strong new revenue category.

Our Dealers offer post-harvest holding that include new installations, upgrades, and seasonal service! Gellert supports with technical and product support.

The Agriculture Industry relies on GELLERT for Agriculture and Raw Product Climate Design, Best in Class Equipment, and Gellert’s own proprietary Control. Since 1964, when Gellert innovated ventilation design, we’ve seen just about every challenge out there and we’ve addressed it.

Working with Growers both domestic and international, the Gellert Certified System became known as the standard for Raw Product Storage success. At the time, University-based research and application of that research in Post Harvest followed Nathan Gellert’s designs.

Gellert’s Certified System continued as the affordable and effective choice for Post Harvest success.  Our Post Harvest approach gave Agriculture customers the tools and support they needed to hold their harvest for longer periods of time at better quality. It also gave our Dealers an additional stream of revenue that could be added to their existing Electrical or HVAC businesses.

We provide the training, industry access, and support. You bring your capabilities.

Today,  GELLERT’S Dealers have the tools and know-how to not only “Start Running – Day One” but to thrive and succeed in providing new solutions, upgrades, and remodels for Raw Product Storing.

Overlaying the business you’ve built with a GELLERT Dealership lets you better address the specific needs of the varied industries and applications.

Our Ag customers’ Commercial and Retail base has become more demanding for humidity, temperature, CO2 management and controls, Gellert has led.

We’ve got you covered.

GELLERT built the system behind the system. This includes system design, standard operating procedures to manage, critical product management how-to, and controls that optimize the raw product environment.

Our Dealers’ Climate business is fully supported with GELLERT’S own Dealer Support Center.

Gellert Support Center means having:

  • Software & Hardware Development
  • Business Development
  • Design & Estimating
  • Market & Customer Development
  • The Right Equipment
  • Responsive Technical Support


Opportunities include refrigeration, ventilation, humidity, and de-humidification solutions which all include controls with storing logic. Our industries include, Agriculture, Food Processing and similar industries with numerous applications.




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