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Our grain integrated services

gellert's best in class grain solutions

With over twenty five best in class manufactures integrated, Gellert offers grain solutions for our customers that include storage, conditioning, grain handling, and drying. We then provide custom controls to make it all work together.

Integrated Controls


Our best in class controls help hold your product for better prices, better quality, and better returns. Extremely reliable with remote monitoring systems for grain bins/tanks/silos to detect even the slightest changes in grain condition. Take action in time to preserve your assets.

expanded integrated controls


Gellert can help you integrate controls in to an improved conditioning solution. GrainX Command’s interactive AI unit assists the user by asking the storage and environment questions, then customizing the aeration run-time strategies to maximize grain quality while optimizing temperature and moisture content in the most efficient way.

Integrated Conditioning

Caldwell Floors

Caldwell Flush Floor Systems are custom designed for each specific application. Choose a panel grate system, corrugated sheeting system or channellock plank system in the configuration that fits your needs. Available in a variety of sizes and are perforated for unrestricted air flow. Panel grate systems are available with internal I-beam support (that incorporate a perforated web) for heavier loads. Flush floor systems are manufactured with modular components for ease of installation.