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Climate Design

Why Choose Gellert?

Gellert knows climate.  Gellert understands the Commercial and Retail needs of our Horticulture customers.

Whether you’re looking for a humidity management system, or distributing and controlling Climate to segmented areas of your operation, Gellert has a solution that works for you.


Gellert’s own High Pressure Fogging, Centrifugal Floor or Ceiling Mount Humidifiers, and Climacell Wall all provide great options in affordable Climate creation.


Our unique GellertSpaces are the turnkey environment for your cultivation needs.  We have GrowSpaces for Germination, Propagation, and Specialized Growing.

GellertSpaces provides a segmented, yet controlled way to introduce climate to your Greenhouse business.  A great way to take gardening to a whole new level, or a place to grow select seedlings and organics.

Gellert can help control Humidity, Temperature, and Co2, which are revenue and cost challenges for growers.

Gellert can help eliminate those challenges – increasing revenue and lowering costs. We do this with no-cost audits, designs, Gellert proprietary equipment, and best in class manufactures that know Horticulture.

Horticulture Climate Solutions


Gellert’s Proprietary Centrifugal Humidifiers are the perfect solution for your humidification needs.  They are completely self-contained, requiring only a water supply and electrical connection for operation.

We manufacture many configurations and models including the Portable, Ceiling Mount, and Stationary.  READ MORE about our Centrifugal Humidifiers HERE.

Our models atomize water into finer particles than any other humidifier on the market today, thanks to a customized copper grid ring.


Gellert offers multiple humidification solutions that are proprietary, as well as Best in Class Manufacturers like Cat Pumps.

With their complete line of brass and stainless steel pumps for Misting, Fogging, Cooling, and Humidity Control, Gellert brings you high-pressure humidity at its best!  SEE MORE information at Cat Pumps.




Gellert’s Proprietary Control Panel – the Agri-Star – is suited to all of your horticultural environments.

Our control panel can handle the controls of your humidity, CO2 levels, temperature, and many other climate features!

We manufacture several different models to suit multiple applications and industries.  READ MORE about our AGRI-STAR PANEL HERE.

Gellert can go beyond Climate with the capabilities of our sister company, Agri-Stor Company.

Agri-Stor offers an alternatives to harsh and toxic chemicals to prevent outbreaks of Greenhouse pathogens.

Agri-Stor Company can provide solutions in Water Treatment, Crop Protection, and Cleanout capabilities for their Horticulture customers.