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Since 1960

For almost 60 years, Gellert has innovated your Climate Solutions with University-based Research and years of applied data. We were the reason Post Harvest began and expanded globally. And you’ll be the reason why we continue to grow.




Bulk is where long-term storage or Post Harvest began and is by far the most popular way to store potatoes, onions, and carrots at quality for long periods of time.

Gellert’s specialty is helping Growers hold their produce longer and at a better quality allowing them to control the release of their product into the marketplace. For many root vegetables, this means relying on Gellert’s expert method for Humidity management. Shrink as well as pressure bruising impact quality, Gellert tackles both with the Bulk System.

When going to Fresh Market, storage issues don’t need to be the reason for low return. Gellert’s Grower customers are looking for a return from the Fresh Shed.  When it comes to storage, Gellert can minimize and even eliminate storage challenges – getting Growers headed in the right direction and improve produce to Processors and Consumers.

Standard Bulk Design includes a precisely designed center or mulitple plenum with sensors, High Performance Certified Fans for Ventilation, ABB Drives for Control, and Fully Rounded Duct to carry the air without resistance. Segmented control is also available and full featured.

For consistent and high performance air flow, Gellert provides the Gellert Air Floor along with the Gellert Air Floor Maximizer. 



The Gellert Air Floor Includes a  strategically designed floor that provides precise air flow through vents in the floor. Similar to the Gellert Air Floor, the Maximizer can drastically reduce the cost of the floor while providing the same air floor. Gellert will consult with your builder to assess capabilities and to provide more information. Both Systems include integrally controlled Fresh Air Doors with updated actuators, Ruskin Louvers, and Sensors throughout.



Gellert’s design for a more segmented specialized approach for storage includes the Gellert Air Wall System and Certified Performance Fans with Metal Fan Blades. Certified means our equipment is AMCA Certified by outside industry respected organizations for air performance.  


Plastic rotors flatten out at high speed, and have been and continue to be the reason for not only a low bid to win a project but also poor air quality not reaching its destination. With Gellert’s innovative simple plenum and fan house design, Airbags and Air Mixers are not needed to manage humidity, respiration, and transpiration. Intermittent High Speed approaches cause faster respiration and crop failure is imminent.


Instead – Gellert relies on scientifically sound principles of science and simply pressurizes the storage where the air is consistently and gently carried as far and as high as needed, especially in Box Storage with a Gellert Air Wall. Gellert innovated the Air Wall in 1964 and it has proved extremely successful into the 21st Century.

This System is key to seed and smaller organic potato growers who want to segment and specialize their storage. They are either looking for a new storage, to upgrade and modernize their existing storage, or simply to update and take advantage of the more modern integral 24/7 365 wireless controls available today. Where upgrading is concerned, Gellert can also provide a wide variety of choices with refrigerated solutions including Portable, Condensing Unit, Unit Coolers and more.

Challenges for Growers include include making use of an existing smaller plenum to get the job done. Gellert’s innovative approach to Plenum Design has overcome size challenges when updating Storages with a more modernized system. Our control panels have evolved to Single, Double and Bin Sized Control with a focus on solving challenges in available room and application.

Your Box or Bin Storage can include:

  • An Effectively Designed Plenum
  • Plenum Sensors throughout
  • Certified Ventilator Fans
  • ABB Drives
  • The Gellert Air Wall
  • The Gellert Air Floor
  • Humidification Options (ex: Gellert Climacell Media)
  • Ruskin Louvers
  • Correctly Sized Fresh Air Doors with Modern Actuators
  • Agri-Star Control Panel with 24/7 365 Internet Access via Our Gellert App
  • Wireless Gellert Internet Access “We can be your Internet Service Provider”.

In travels around the Globe, Gellert sees the consistent, positive results of simple science done right. In side by side comparisons of competing designs, with evaluation of crops held in storage over a one to two year cycle, the Gellert System is superior and simple.

The following principles of PRESSURIZATION provide a method to balanced systems.


Gellert creates your Post-Harvest success by pressurizing your building.  We do this using a perfectly designed plenum, then placing certified equipment that meets the design requirements.  We don’t cut corners in design or equipment.


Once the building is sealed and pressurized, and the entire building is balanced, the system can create the perfect climate for storage without obstructions and limitations.  Like water in a tank, the air freely flows to all open areas and spaces.


To control respiration and transpiration, Gellert’s air distribution method controls the climate and gets as close to the product as possible.  Fans that create packets of air effectively carry the necessary humidity and climate and deliver it to the produce.


where the humidity falls out of the air packet long before it reaches the produce, Gellert’s certified fan speeds treat the produce like a human.  Living root vegetables like calm, consistent air flow over a 24-hour period.  Anything besides that means potatoes respirate and transpire quickly – and the desired Post-Harvest goals of longevity and quality fail.


Where Post Harvest Ventilation is concerned, Gellert doesn’t cut corners, there’s too much at stake. All fans are AMCA Certified. This is key to performance and also to qualify for utility incentive programs and meet life and standard criteria. It’s a tough test – but our customers deserve it.   CLICK HERE for more information.


Gellert’s Centrifugal Humidifiers provide a simple solution to humidification needs as they are completely self-contained. Specifically designed for minimum maintenance, all parts coming in contact with water are made using stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum to aid in corrosion resistance.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Inconsistent seasonal temperature challenges are easily solved with Refrigeration. Gellert can help with a variety of affordable solutions depending on your budget. From Fixed Condensing Units, Portable, Unit Coolers and more Gellert can adapt to your refrigeration needs.


The Gellert Company Agri-Star™ Control Panel features a large, full-color touch screen display with complete on-screen graphing. Comes internet-ready with no proprietary software to operate, a user friendly, clear operating interface, on-board help menus, and software flexibility to control both Potato and Onion systems.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Gellert’s ClimaSeal Fresh Air doors are custom-sized specifically for your Gellert Certified ventilation system. CLICK HERE for more information.


Gellert’s Ruskin® Backdraft Exhaust Dampers are gravity operated and open with air flow and pressure. Every damper is built with performance in mind and tested per AMCA standards in Ruskin’s Laboratory. Backdraft design prevents air from entering the building through the Exhaust Dampers. Damper blades are constructed from .050” thick extruded aluminum with extruded vinyl blade edge seals and are mounted in an aluminum frame with synthetic bearings. Gellert’s Ruskin® Backdraft Exhaust Dampers provide high performance with minimal maintenance to guarantee a long operational life.


Gellert’s GDC Door Controller is simple to operate, reliable, and provides precise control of ClimaSeal Doors or Fresh Air Louvers. Service features include status indicating LEDs for all signal power and fusing and full manual override of all control functions to insure simple trouble shooting.


The Gellert Linear Actuator features a potentiometer for precise positioning and integral adjustable limit switches to automatically shut off actuator within desired operating ranges. Housing and motor are fully sealed to protect all internal components from harsh environments. When integrated with the Gellert Control Panel, the actuator offers precise temperature control and is available in a variety of stroke lengths.


Our Climate Design works for all kinds applications and industries.  Besides potatoes, popular long-term storage produce like onions, carrots, sweet potatoes and root vegetables also benefit greatly from the proper environment.

And it doesn’t stop there. WHATEVER your commodity is, call Gellert so we can discuss your perfect storage climate options!