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Russell offers Air Cooled Condensers and Fluid Coolers available with 1 to 14 fans in single and double fan width models for a multitude of applications.

Air cooled condensers use an array of fans to move large amounts of air over condensing coils and are a highly engineered element of the refrigeration system. The units are ideal for supermarket, industrial cooling and commercial warehousing industries.

Russell Fluid Coolers are capable of cooling almost any non-corrosive fluid making them a perfect choice for an extraordinary variety of industrial cooling applications. Fluid coolers provide energy saving alternatives when used with water-cooled machinery or as an economizer in computer room or printing press cooling applications.

Russell also offers Heat Reclaim units. These units capture the heat that is lost by an air conditioning or refrigeration system and reclaims it to be used as space heating for storage rooms, receiving areas, loading docks, and other applications.