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Refrigeration Solutions



Gellert’s refrigeration capabilities extend to the Horticulture industry specifically Floral, Herbs, Orchids and General Greenhouse Cooling. Gellert can provide Vacuum and Tunnel Cooling for Floral Fresh Harvest. Modular Greenhouse Coolers don’t need to be wall mounted and are extremely portable, letting you adapt to your Greenhouse needs. Gellert can also provide Through the Door Solutions.


For Beverage, Gellert can provide Multiple Batch Wine Systems. Segment your cooling stage in the tank through a custom designed manifold piping system for coolant to chill wine tanks at different time intervals. Wine refrigeration is a complex process, the fermentation process can be stopped at any specific temperature with glycol and water. Gellert can also have major efficiency designed into the process.


Refrigeration is key to the Apiary Industry and to the industries latest innovation, storing for successful overwintering. Commercial Beekeepers will appreciate the scale and power of Packaged Condensing Units while Sideliners look to smaller powerful solutions to hold Bees in existing structures. Refrigeration lets Beekeepers bring Bees in early and hold for great success. Gellert offers:

  • Packaged Condensing Units
  • Unit Coolers

food processing.

Gellert meets your Raw Food, Ready to Eat (RTE) and Food Safety with Quality needs with a variety of solutions for Raw Food Handling, IQF, Food Manufacturing, and more. Our refrigeration solutions include:

  • Blast Freezers
  • IQF Freezing
  • Cold Rooms
  • Walk-in Coolers & Freezers
  • GellertSpaces
  • Ice Making
  • Dry Ice Pelletizers
  • Process Cooling
  • Process Chillers
  • Customized Coils

Agricultural Equipment

Gellert provides a variety of refrigeration options for your Post Harvest or Rapid Field Cooling needs. Removing field heat and having the ability to hold and control is Gellert’s expertise.

If you’re looking for better control for cooling from the field, storing,  or for shipment staging in Freshpack areas, Gellert provides many options including: 

  • Through the Wall Refrigeration
  • Through the Door Refrigeration
  • Through the Roof
  • Tunnel and Vacuum
  • Falling Film
  • Unit Coolers with a variety of efficiency options
  • Packaged Condensing Units
  • Combination Humidity/Refrigeration

Gellert provides Best in Class Manufacturers for your Solutions in optimal Refrigeration!

These Solutions by KoolJet will exceed your expectations in keeping your storage and product in the perfect environment.

Through the Wall

Through the Wall and Cube designs are available from a few tons for small spaces to more than 50 compressor HP per unit for larger cooling requirements.  Features and Advantages are:

  • Different configurations depending on your particular cold-storage room needs.
  • Low-ambient option allows operation down to minus 20°F outdoor temperature.
  • Free-Cooling option includes automatically controlled damper to allow outdoor air to provide cold-room cooling.
  • Automatic air or hot gas rapid defrost modes are available depending on customer needs.

Through the Door

After the harvest is over your loading/access doors are closed and some are rarely opened. Why not take great advantage of the access, the concrete pad and overhead door to add a significant amount of cooling to your present systems. Quick and easy install.

Unitized quality construction makes it easy to move around with a fork lift. The design also reduces the amount of refrigerant and piping. High performance long throw fans with engineered venturis provide excellent cold air distribution.

Simply place the unit, connect it to power and cool your produce or work space.

Through the Roof

Cooling of Agricultural products can be energy intensive, especially during harvest when field-heat is highest. Our innovations by KoolJet substantially improve energy usage by having two independent refrigeration circuits in interleaved coils. This technique greatly improves coil effectiveness at part load. Further, we offer automatic Free-Cooling when ambient permits.



Gellerts’ Refrigeration capabilities extends to Commercial industries. Case refrigeration adds to the amenity experience for hotels and skilled nursing facilities while a variety of improvements and footprints available for Restaurant and Convenience stores who are looking for an innovative and efficient solution. Gellert can provide:

  • Case Refrigeration in a variety of sizes
  • Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Refrigerated Containers and Freezers
  • Ice Machines