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Refrigeration sized right for your industry and application!

Trust Gellert’s expertise for forward looking design that’s sized not only for field heat but for challenging harvest conditions.  We combine our refrigeration know-how with efficient equipment and controls that hold temperature. Our logic offers expanded CO2 programming to help process growers store better. Gellert’s refrigeration can dry the air and give greater control over humidity and moisture.

Refrigeration gives producers greater holding advantages

Changing ambient conditions mean producers can respond to those with temperature. Use our designs to deliver success.

Challenging Harvest Conditions

Gellert agrees with ASABE recommendations for Post Harvest cooling when it comes to using refrigeration to handle challenging harvest conditions. Let us help you through decisions related to capacity.

Equipment Options

Tough application decisions can be made easy with Gellert’s help. Whether it’s Unit Coolers, Glycol or DX equipment, especially with todays supply challenges are real and Gellert can consult.

Control Options that Integrate

Being able to integrate with your current equipment is helpful. Gellert offers best in class control solutions as well as it’s own Gellert Refrigeration Controller.

Refrigeration Integration for other industries

Does Gellert design for other agriculture industries? The answer is yes! Gellert is a system integrator and can provide our proprietary solutions with best in class equipment.

Easy & Effective Control

The Gellert Refrigeration
Controller offers intelligent controls and alerts. Gellert can also provide best in class solutions depending on your goals and more. Controls can qualify for energy rebate incentives.

Equipment Options for Holding

Gellert’s equipment includes Direct Expansion (DX) for larger and Unit Coolers for smaller applications! Industry solutions in a variety of applications including Post Harvest, Fresh Pack, Dairy, Beverage and more.

Options Designed for the Application

Gellert’s solutions address field conditions and is forward looking for challenges. Our capabilities include equipment, design and integrating controls.  Our equipment match your application needs and are sized right.