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By far the most popular storage design for holding Raw Product. Applications include Process, Fresh Market and Seed Growers. Design options include Internal or External Fan houses. Fan houses are perfect for sending and returning air as well as balancing and holding interior climate. Air distributed through the plenum has two purposes, pressurize the building and second, carrying climate elements to the product. Reactive product management can happen sufficiently at the duct level making storage management specific, targeting trouble areas. Chippers and Process Growers can appreciate more targeted management. Contact Gellert for a consultation with this design.


Letterbox design is perfect for Box or Crate Storage and is an extremely affordable option compared to Box or Bulk Air Floors. Gellert designed the first Letterbox Storage for our company in 1965. Designed like a segmented wall to transfer letters in to, air is distributed through designed air slots and carried to the crated products. Gellert’s Post Harvest design is always done with the end product goals in mind.  Ventilation or more specifically fans are specified to perform at the level they are designed to. That’s not good enough for Gellert, our air handling equipment is AMCA Certified. AMCA published performance ratings are reliable and accurate meaning you are getting what you paid for.


Bin Storage offers at least two advantages, first a material handling advantage if it’s crates or boxes. Second, and just as important is the mechanically zoned option with more specific climate distribution. Seed and Variety Growers can appreciate the increases in pack-out but arguably the automated management that zoned control can bring to smaller more remote locations. In this case, specialty organic market potatoes may benefit from both the material handling and zoned mechanical benefits! Contact Gellert for a consultation for designs that increase pack-out capabilities as it relates to this design!

The Gellert System was designed to provide multiple processes necessary to carry humidity and hold temperature as well as CO2 management. As the air moves, our multiple audit points tell you how your processes are working. We can help you with those as well as show you how to correlate that to product performance. Performance challenges like bruising, shrink, sugars and more are all challenges that can be addressed!

Gellert also offers Product and Mechanical Audits. The Audit baselines mechanical design performance and product goals!

You can then make forward looking decisions for your operation!


What other storage solutions do you need?

Post-Harvest Storage

Engineered Air Designs | Product Quality Focused | AMCA Certified Air Performance | University research considered | Intelligently Controlled

Bee Storage

Lower Overwintering Mortality Rates-Redundant Systems for Safety-Secure!

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Best in Class Grain Solutions with companies like Chief-GEAPS/Kansas State University Education Program Complete-Grain Handling, Conditioning & More!

Product offerings include:

Farm Bins  |  Commercial Bins  |   Temporary Grain Storage  |  Hopper Tanks | Conveyors | Buckets | Controls


Enclosed Rooms

Doors | Packaging | Canning | R&D | Pharmaceutical | Labs and much more. Temperature | Humidity | Exhaust | Heat & Cool | Control

A Few of Our Completed Projects…

Organic Varieties Box Storage in Glenns Ferry, Idaho

NEW Bulk Potato Storage Facility in China

Bulk Potato Storage in Ontario, Oregon

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