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It’s all about the CLIMATE. 

GELLERT KNOWS CLIMATE.  Gellert has been providing Raw Product Storage Solutions for the Agriculture Industry since 1964. Today, Gellert Solutions include expanded options with major improvements in refrigeration,  humidification, and ventilation.

In 1964, Nathan Gellert innovated the Climate Controlled Storage design.

That design model hasn’t changed.  It’s still a matter of being able to control the Climate – Temperature, Humidity, Airflow.

What HAS changed is – the technology to GET that control.  Gellert leads their industries in innovative Climate Control Solutions.

Continuing to use University-Based Research and Testing – they are developing smarter technology and energy-efficient designs for your storage equipment and controls.


Marketed globally. Manufactured at home. Trusted everywhere.


Why is the Gellert Climate Design so unique?

Because Nathan Gellert invented the Controlled Climate Storage Design back in 1964.  It was his vision of being able to store commodities longer, and at better quality, that created the storage system we use today.

When it comes to solutions, Gellert helps customers with Energy Efficient, Effective Climate Design solutions for all of your Post Harvest Storage, Raw Product Conditioning, Process, IQF, Food Manufacturing, and Freshpack needs. Gellert can help you remove or add moisture, remove and manage field heat, and store and hold product at quality conditions for long periods of time. 

We also provide a network of Dealers that can troubleshoot or audit your challenges both proactively or reactively.  If you have challenges, we have solutions.

The reason behind Gellert’s success is simple. There is science and application in the design. Gellert has spent years of applying our trusted research including solutions, to maximize temperature, humidity, and CO2 control with proper air movement. 

What kinds of commodities are suited to the Gellert System?

You name it!  Gellert’s Climate Storage Design is perfect for all of your post-harvest commodities such as:  potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, and other root vegetables.  

Gellert also provides storage and controls for grain and corn, beans, and other dry commodities.

Can I upgrade my old storage design?

Absolutely!  Gellert will help you re-design your climate-controlled storage by allowing their experts to audit your current airflow design and equipment / facility structure.  They will then provide you with the “new” Gellert Climate Design and a quote for all recommended equipment upgrades to help you increase your holding times at better quality.


Applying the Gellert Climate Design!

Post-Harvest Storage

Our Native Industry – Post Harvest.  The storage of potatoes and onions was Nathan Gellert’s vision for Climate Control success.

During the past 60 years, Gellert has researched climate control in storage for many different root vegetables and other commodities.

The “Gellert” Storage Design works great for potatoes and onions, as well as carrots, turnips, sugar beets, and varieties.

Gellert has designs for either Bulk Storage, which is how product storage began all those years ago – or Box or Bin Storage which is perfect for organic varieties and carrots.


Bee Storage

Overwinter your bee colonies in a Climate Controlled environment. Our Gellert Storage Design helps solve many challenges faced by beekeepers.

Our storages have been proven to lower bee mortality rates during the Winter. Housing your bees in a controlled environment also allows you to transition to the storage season earlier in the year – in early October in many cases.

This allows for a decrease in feed times which is a decrease in costs to you.

Check out our Facebook page for more on bee storage:  Gellert Facebook


Not wanting to stop at just produce storage, Gellert also provides storage for your grains and other dry commodities.

Because the Gellert Design is based on quality climate controls and solutions – we work with Best-in-Class manufacturers to bring you high-end Grain Storage Solutions.

Product offerings include:

Farm Bins  |  Commercial Bins  |   Temporary Grain Storage  |  Hopper Tanks

Chief Agri knows the subtleties to storing your dry commodities – check out their solutions Gellert provides here.   Whatever your storage needs are, Gellert is your Solution!

Clean Rooms

Gellert’s proprietary product – GellertSpaces – provides you with a Climate-Controlled environment for a segmented approach to production, packaging, canning, R&D, pharmaceutical, optics, and much more.

Grow Rooms for your specialized needs such as organics – or for propagation and germination.  Custom lighting and all of Gellert’s climate equipment for ventilation, humidification, temperature, and controls are part of this great solution.

Contact Gellert for a *free* consultation to discuss your CleanSpace needs.



There is an opportunity for significant savings that can be built into our customers designs for both new and remodel opportunities. Be sure to ask your builder to coordinate with us to ensure proper installation and placement of all the climate control equipment.  We can also provide energy efficiency solutions to help you qualify for local Utility incentive programs.


Your Gellert solution dictates the size and design of your building. 

Contact Us for a no-cost estimate that will help you determine your structural needs.  With in-house drafting capabilities, we can show you exactly where the equipment needs to be and and you will be able to determine the structural dimensions of your building.



Gellert offers best in class equipment to make your storage suitable for your hard-earned investment. This includes Ventilation, Humidification, Refrigeration, and CO2 management. Once you have the solution, simply control it with our proprietary in-house control. Gellert’s Control Panel manages all designed components and gives you 24/7 – 365 control everywhere you have a connection.

A Few of Our Completed Projects…

Organic Varieties Box Storage in Glenns Ferry, Idaho

NEW Bulk Potato Storage Facility in China

Bulk Potato Storage in Ontario, Oregon

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