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GELLERT Wireless is the Solution for Ag.
We’ve got you connected!

What we do

Gellert Wireless provides Internet access for both large and small operations. Designed for the Agriculture Industry, Gellert Wireless features a redundant and robust always connected signal and service for our customers.

Always Connected

You may be missing out on enhanced boosted service. Gellert Wireless offers uninterrupted wireless connectivity and communication to various locations of your operation.

Consolidated Wireless

Perfect for consolidating and boosting existing Internet service. Gellert Wireless solves the problems of multiple Internet lines, poor signals, or running long lengths of cable all around your property.

    Bot Tested

    If you’re tired of lag time at Key Panel Communication points, rebooting routers when your miles away, and bot attacks with dropped Firewalls – Gellert Wireless may be the answer for your industry or storage facility.

      Features that Matter

      Eliminate wiring hassles and negotiating barriers. Our weatherproof wireless signal boosts your signals to the end of the network. We’re stable and redundant. Always connected with boosted capabilities up to 20 miles.

      The Right Design

      The right solution means the whole package – including bridging buildings and locations, setting up routers, testing for successful implementation, and connecting your favorite apps. Then, our Gellert Wireless Expert can remotely manage your wireless services.


      A few of the applications that make Gellert Wireless make sense includes:



      Freshpack Sheds

      Mechanics Shop

      Scale House

      Why we are different

      After ALMOST 60 YEARS in the Agricultural Industry, we certainly understand what makes the world tick!  We know that “Internet” is a whole different ball game when it comes to connectivity for your Storages and other facilities.  

      Our customers rely on us to create an entire “climate environment” for their commodities, and having 24/7 access THAT WORKS is a big part of making it a great environment!

      Gellert boosts your signal and carries it around obstacles and barriers typically found  in Agriculture.  Gellert will help you virtually erase trees, buildings and other areas that prevent a great signal.

      Distance is no obstacle. Our boosted signals get the signal there and back up to twenty miles or more. And no more driving to reboot routers to get things up and running. We’re redundant and always connected.

      Layout is done in consulation with you to make sure we get it right. The time that’s spent means time saved for our customers.