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Air Movement and Control

Gellert’s designs include using air movement and control systems to hold product. Gellert’s air movement is sized to deliver air, provide ideal temperature and humidity including CO2 management. Our design delivers the climate and our controls hold and adjust to seasonal conditions to keep your system running right. The Gellert System is built with efficiency and performance. See additional capabilities, designs, and applications.

Bin Storage

Bulk with Fan House

Popular for holding bulk product, the bulk design with fanhouse gives our customers an affordable option compared to Letterbox design.  Air is distributed through duct or recessed air floor. Options include external or internal fan house.

Bin Storage

Bulk Fan House Divided

Popular for holding bulk product segmented in to different bins. Applications include bulk storing seed, squash, pecans, and peas. Bin design allows for segmented and planned holding and material handling or product handling capabilities.

Letterbox Storage

Letterbox with Internal Fan House

Named after the slots in a Post Office where mail is fed, air is distributed through slots in a wall and out to the holding area or bins. Applications include root vegetables and nearly unlimited products.

Letterbox Storage

Letterbox with External Fan House

Popular for holding bulk product segmented in to different bins. Applications include seed, squash, pecans and peas. Letterbox design may appeal to different material handling goals.

"Gellert fixed our problems, our product is holding great now."

Packout is demanding, don’t let storage be the reason for your challenges in packout!

"The humidity was designed all wrong, Gellert's design got it headed the right way!"

We address bruising and other product challenges!

"Gellert turned our industry on it's head, we now store our Bees much differently than we did!"

In 2015 Gellert designed the first system to hold Bees. Since that time our control logic to hold Bees is even better and growing. Gellert made the industry better!

"The air scoop was a simple but perfect solution for our boxes. The air pushed through to the end and back where it was supposed to go!"

Air control is our specialty, we can reduce competitors requirements to distribute and control air.

"Can you believe it, the problem was a plastic prop. Who puts plastic props on their industrial fans?"

Gellert uses only AMCA Certified equipment for your storage-nothing less!

"Our customers demand excellence, the moisture levels kept us from getting there. We called Gellert!"

Product challenges like splitting beans, peas or other products can be minimized with moisture management.

"We bought sorters to grade out the bruising, we should have called Gellert earlier!"

Understanding the whole operation helps Gellert deliver better solutions to minimize equipment investment.